marketing and media strategy

Strategy is key to producing a successful web video solution and in marketing your business to current and potential customers. We not only produce great creative concepts, we help integrate these concepts into the web and other media channels so that we are developing a strategy that meets your specific objectives. Your video and marketing strategy might include:
  • An online media plan where we help you position web-based advertising through different networks to drive people to your website and video content specifically
  • A social media strategy where your video content becomes the cornerstone of a dedicated Facebook, Twitter and Youtube campaign designed to deliver more people to your web video content
  • A Google and search engine strategy designed to use your web video content as a way to increase search engine rankings
  • A traditional media strategy using all major media to disseminate your brand message
  • A training strategy where retention data is captured, measured and stored so that you can evaluate the strengths (and weaknesses) of employees on an ongoing basis through a secure web training program